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Who we are ?

Nubetor Technologies has made phenomenal acts and very high accomplishments in the automation world. This includes our core knowledge of Cloud consulting which includes Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud and the open sourced cloud or in other world private cloud platforms like Openstack and RedHat Openshift.

We believe our customers are smart enough to choose their IT partner to do the business smartly, cleanly and 

Nubetor Technologies has been working around the globe with small, medium and large sized businesses. We work closely with our partners to deliver them long-term solution, future strategies which are discuses smartly on practical scenarios. 

why choose us ?

In today's world, major concern of all services based industries, IT providers, service providers, startups, and small-medium scale companies is to decide whether they can safely share the contents or data ? whether they can safely outsource ? How much money needs to be paid ? what will be the productivity ? will outsourcing help or create problem ?

Well, Nubetor has a vast experience in outsourcing and has working together attitude. We always tried to avoid major concerns of outsourcing such as Cost, Delivery, Time Factor, Familiarity, Relationship, Productivity, Availability, Control and very major part is Transparency. To overcome this concerns we came up with the solution as "Dedicated Experts". This solution will not only help you reduce your cost but also help you to take control and keep the transparency.


What we do ?

We are most successful automation team working together to reduce manual tasks and mistakes. We have our complete infrastructure automated in such a way that we can scale any infrastructure within few hours and have it production ready. Our DevOps experts can automate anything by using the most usable programming language, Python. Also they are experts in other programming language like bash, Scala, Ruby, Go, Perl an so on.

We are specialized into the most used cloud platform in the world, AWS. Also it is specialized into the second largest cloud platform, Microsoft Azure. We also has experts to work on other cloud platforms such as IBM, Rackspace. Apart from Public Cloud, we can also provide solution to create private cloud infrastructure as per the requirements. Our experts can work on largest open source cloud platform, Openstack.

Our clients Say

Our experience with Nubetor has been really great. They helped me migrating my infrastructure to cloud very smoothly with minimal down time. The support before, during and after the activity was very professional. They have very talented and trained team of experts.

Ravindra Bhavsar

-CEO and Director of Pharmadesk Solutions.