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What are Microservices ?

Microservices - One of the most popular and most used tech buzzword. Which is been accepted and used by major companies like Spotify, Netflix, Amazon, Uber, etc. and the reason behind this is microservices values and its scaleability.

However, most of us are still confused about the term Microservices. So what exactly is microservices ? And what does its architecture mean ? And why it is so popular ? And will it be helpful in your environment ?

So basically, Microservices is a new way to configure your environment other that monoliths. Microservices architecture is to break down your monolithic architecture to smaller and individual services. So that it can be changed, developed, upgraded individually without depending on any other services.

With Microservices architecture, companies are feeling drastic change in order to its agility, productivity and down times. The reason behind this is, the developers doesn't need to stick to any particular programming language for complete application any more. They can use any language in which they are comfortable with and still achieve the application aim without any problem.

Isn't is sound cool ? Let's have a look at below video to get into understading Microservices in more deeper.